What if your next party had tons of space, loads of activities, ample parking, and unlimited beer?

When we planned the Utepils Fernweh Taproom, we hoped people would treat it like a second home. We wanted guests to feel relaxed and comfortable here, taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with old friends and meet new ones.

It worked.

We’ve been blown away by the number of people who use the Utepils Fernweh Taproom to host gatherings of all sizes. We’ve provided the backdrop to birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate parties, retirement parties, no-reason-except-beer parties, and even weddings!

Guests of all ages love the games, activities, and refreshments. You can order in food, bring your own, or take advantage of the food truck. And you’ll never run out of delicious beer.

We don’t shut down the taproom for private events, but that’s part of the fun: you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people while you celebrate with the ones you already love.

To host your next event with us, contact events@utepilsbrewing.com.

Party on!

This will be the first opportunity for the new Utepils Brewing Co. to celebrate Oktoberfest with fans of their European-inspired beers

Minneapolis, Minn.: Just seven months after grand opening, Minneapolis-based Utepils Brewing is set to host a world-class Oktoberfest celebration at the Utepils Fernweh Taproom from September 15th through 17th, featuring an ultra-limited-edition run of a new Oktoberfest beer. The event will coincide with the traditional Oktoberfest time in Germany.

Says Utepils Brewing’s owner Dan Justesen: “Oktoberfest is the ultimate holiday for us. In addition to focusing on traditional, European-style beers, Utepils is all about creating moments shared among friends. We combine those two every day in our Fernweh Taproom, but we’re going to go all-out for Oktoberfest.”up sheet

Oktoberfest originated as a wedding celebration between German royals, with tens of thousands of citizens turning out to witness the festivities and raise a glass to the newlyweds. Utepils will capture that spirit with a mass, nondenominational vow renewal ceremony on Saturday the 16th. In addition to the vow renewals, a special couple will exchange vows—for the first time—as part of the ceremony. Annie and Kyle met in college and have been together for six years. Kyle is a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and will be home in Minnesota on a short leave, giving the couple the opportunity to wed before Kyle begins an extended assignment in Fort Hood, Texas.

In honor of the celebratory weekend, Utepils is producing an ultra-limited run of “Receptional,” an Oktoberfest beer brewed to be highly drinkable with balanced, smooth flavors of malt and biscuit.

The weekend kicks off on Friday night with live music and a beer hall. The party continues Saturday after the vow renewal ceremony, with more celebration on Sunday. There will be games, contests, prizes, and Deutschland Meats food truck will be on site all weekend. Children are welcome in the Utepils Fernweh Taproom until 9:00 p.m. and the event will feature kid-friendly activities during the day.

“We’re a new brewery, but we’re built on tradition—and we expect this celebration to be a big annual tradition for the community,” said Justesen. “If you can’t make it to the tents in Munich for Oktoberfest, this will be your next best bet.” The entire event will take place at the Utepils Fernweh Taproom at 225 Thomas Avenue North in Minneapolis. Couples interested in participating in the vow renewal ceremony can sign up via the online form or stop by the Utepils Fernweh Taproom to sign up in person. Vow renewal certificates will be provided to couples who sign up in advance.




About Utepils Brewing

Nestled on the banks of Bassett Creek between Harrison and Bryn Mawr neighborhoods of northwestern Minneapolis, Utepils’ 18,000 square foot site features an iconic taproom and a full-scale craft brewery. We believe that good living comes from good brewing and that good brewing starts with honoring the traditions of brewers who have gone before us. Using tried and true brewing practices and the latest in brewing technology, we seek to create a new tradition in the Twin Cities that brings friends and families together to share time and beer with one another.


Here’s to good beer, good cheer, and many more good years, together.



Brewing amazing beer for you is a seven-day-per-week job.

We decided you should be able to enjoy it seven days per week, too.

We already extended our Sunday evening hours, and now we’re adding two more days of beer. Starting August 14th, we’ll be open on Mondays and Tuesdays—because who should have to wait for Wednesdays for good beer?

More beer.

More friends.

More good times.


Our new Taproom Hours:

MONDAY: 4:00PM — 10:00PM
TUESDAY: 4:00PM — 10:00PM
WEDNESDAY: 12:00PM — 10:00PM
THURSDAY: 12:00PM — 10:00PM
FRIDAY: 12:00PM — 11:00PM
SATURDAY: 12:00PM — 11:00PM
SUNDAY: 12:00PM — 8:00PM

See you at the Fernweh taproom!

“The conversation was fantastic and the beer was even better.”

That’s how Ryan and Jim from the Nordeast Podcast described their recent interview with our very own Dan Justesen.

A lot of good conversations take place at the Fernweh taproom. Not all of them are recorded (which is probably a good thing in some cases), but this one was. You can listen to the whole thing right now on Soundcloud.

Ryan, Jim, and Dan talked about where to find Utepils, how we’ve managed to make the taproom feel “warm” even though it’s a giant warehouse, and why we care as much about the experience you have drinking our beer as we do about the beer itself.

Dan got to do most of the talking, but Ryan and Jim had a lot of nice things to say. Case in point:

“This does feel like one of the most well-planned out breweries. Everything is to a ‘T.’ It seems like you guys are set up to be brewing wonderful beer for a very long time in the Twin Cities.”

(That’s the plan!)

“Anybody who’s listening, definitely come down to this brewery...This is not just an everyday, run-of-the-mill brewery. This is a whole different experience.”

 (We couldn’t agree more.)

Take us out to the ballgame…

Utepils Copacetic, our Kölsch-style beer, is now available. Find it in Section 116 behind (where else?) home plate, on the main level. How’s that for a grand slam?

If you’ve already tried Copacetic, we don’t need to convince you any further. In fact, you’ve probably stopped reading this because you’re in a mad dash to Target Field right now. (Um, just make sure there’s actually a home game going on first.)

If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Copacetic is light and bright with a subtle blend of hops and malt. It’s the perfect beer for raising a glass to the home team.

Psst—wondering why it’s called Copacetic? The word was popularized by the Apollo astronauts to convey: “Everything is A-OK. There’s no trouble in sight.” So, regardless of the scoreboard, grab a Copacetic. Everything will be A-OK.

Utepils Brewing wins award for the energy savings of its brewery upgrades


Power provider CenterPoint Energy recently announced the three recipients of the 2016 Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) Energy Efficiency achievement awards at the 2017 Energy Efficiency and Technology Conference: Customer of the Year; Trade Ally of the Year; and Most Innovative Project of the year.

Why do you care about this? Well, its most innovative project of the year was awarded to Utepils Brewing.

Utepils Brewing is a new craft brewery located on the west side of Minneapolis. In 2016, the company installed state-of-the-art German brewery technology involving heat recovery and vacuum de-pressurization. This step helped decrease the energy consumption of the brewing process by 70 percent.

“Our plan was to build our brewhouse at a size that meets what we’ll need in the future,” explained Justesen in our news about the brewery’s plans back in February. “We didn’t want to be in a constant state of upgrading our brewhouse or our equipment, so we built the upgrade.”

Project details

The brewing equipment, a maze of stainless steel pipes, mash and lauter tuns, a kettle and six giant, two-story fermenting tanks was custom designed and imported from Bavaria. The tanks were purchased from a family that’s spent three generations fabricating equipment for breweries. The brewhouse also boasts the first-ever North American installation of the energy-saving Vario Boil system — which helps cut their energy use by almost 75 percent. Award-winning brewmaster Eric Harper manages all of it using traditional skills, like smell and taste, as well as modern technology. His control center looks like the flight deck of a science-fiction spaceship.

Utepils’ outdoor beer garden will finally bring together man, butterfly, eagle and beer.

Even the tile on the floor of the brewhouse was a subject of intense discussion among Utepils’ partners. “After all the brewing equipment is in place, you can’t just go back and replace the floor,” explained Justesen. “We wanted the best equipment we could buy on the best floor we could find, all to make the best beer we can.” As a result, the floor tiles were imported from Bavaria as well.

The brewery and taproom have been designed to suggest an old European town, with many of the interior finishings sampled from Regensburg, Germany. One wall of the brewhouse is painted green in homage to the historic Wurstkuchl tavern in Regensburg and eventually will have windows and doors added to complete the effect. The grain mill and delivery equipment is contained in a structure designed to look like the city’s clock tower.

Read the article here!

For those who say all the new breweries opening are the same, you need to visit Utepils Brewing in Minneapolis.

Pronounced “ohh-tah-pilz,” the brewery, located at 225 Thomas Ave. N, Minneapolis, opened late this winter and focuses on classic, low alcohol European style beers like pilsners, Kolschs, and hefeweizens. They make well rounded beer that can be enjoyed no matter the weather or food pairing.

While going classic can set a brewery apart during this era of extreme experimentalism, the Utepils taproom is also noteworthy. It seats over 150 guests and will soon include an outdoor beer garden near Bassett Creek, which runs along the property. It’s a getaway in a historic building just west of downtown Minneapolis, even though it feels more isolated. It’s next to Theodore Wirth Park, lending a sense of escapism even while the skyline is still in site.

The décor is classic European. With large paintings on the wall – thematically based on their flagship beers – and a historic copper kettle that hangs over the bar, it’s distinct, comforting, and spacious. Windows show off the natural setting, while visitors are further removed from the industrial parking lot by a walkway ushering visitors past the tall fermenters and into the welcoming taproom environment. It’s a big brewery, but it maintains a small vibe amid the community tables, warm colors, and the homage to tradition.

See the article here!

Seven hours. That’s how long we had a line out the door for the February 18th grand opening at our Fernweh taproom. We were blown away by how many of you showed up to enjoy good times and delicious beer with friends, family, neighbors, and strangers! And even more of you tuned in to our live feed. The response has been incredible, and we feel so lucky to be part of this awesome community.

Thank you to all of you who braved the long lines on opening day. From what we hear, the beer was more than worth the wait. And if you couldn’t join us, we look forward to raising a glass with you soon.

Check out our grand opening highlights video, courtesy of Jeff and Rita at Lifeimage LLC. (Warning—loud bagpipes!)

Utepils ViewAnother big Thank you to Star Tribune for noticing the changes and giving us a 2nd mention in less than two weeks.

Long overlooked, area's proximity to downtown gains momentum.

Click here to read the entire article!


Utepils BrewingA big thank you to the Star Tribune for a little preview into our taproom!

You know that moment that comes after a long winter, when the sun pokes through and the grass springs loose and it’s pleasant enough to sit outside and perhaps indulge in an adult beverage?

There’s a word for that. Well, in Norwegian, anyway.

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peterandtracyMeet VIPers Pete and Tracy Kootsikas

When these active parents aren't running a successful Pedal Pub franchise in Nashville, TN, attending sporting events, and hosting friends at their home, you can probably catch them out enjoying a great beer together.

Join Pete and Tracy on their lifelong VIPer adventure at: https://utepils-2023.flywheelsites.com/viper-program/

Why did these two decide to become VIPers? Simple! To them, it's all about creating new connections, making new friends, and getting to know the (Utepils Brewing) staff really well. There's nothing better than enjoying good beer with good people at a great brewery. ‪#‎MemBEERship‬

image1-1We love a great neighborhood party so we’re adding TWO fun stops to the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Festival of Garage Sales on May 7.

ONE: After a day of shopping for upcycled treasures, grab your lawn chairs and join us for a Root Beer Float Social at the future home of Utepils Brewing Co. from 2:00-5:00. It's an informal chance to see transformation underway of a nearly abandoned warehouse to vibrant craft brewery at 225 Thomas Ave. North.

TWO: Wander thru the amazing offerings in Trappings in the heart of downtown Bryn Mawr and find us in back with much to offer from 1:30-5:00. We can answer questions, point you to our site for root beer, and maybe share a treat with you.

In 2015, we opened our doors so neighbors could for the 1st time see what was hidden inside. Now you can see that it is not just words but a lot of action happening. We'd love to say hello.

T-shirts and a MemBEERship information & sign up booth will be available. Credit cards accepted.

utecrew_2Dan, Jim, Tammy and Utepils Brewing Company held a ceremonial groundbreaking Thursday amid active construction on the brewhouse and taproom, located in the former Glenwood-Inglewood bottling plant now known as @Glenwood.

Click Here For The Full Article!

Minneapolis brewery, craft brewery Explore Minnesota recently published an article on their website showcasing the top breweries opening this summer and Utepils Brewing received a nice shout out! The experience of owner Dan Justesen and head brewer Eric Harper is highlighted as Utepils Brewing is featured alongside other burgeoning breweries throughout the state.

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The Line MediaThe Line Media just released a list of the top redevelopment projects taking place in Minneapolis and St. Paul this year and our craft brewery came in at #2! Utepils Brewing is leading the redevelopment of the site of the old Glenwood Inglewood Water Company and joining the trend of hip businesses and cutting-edge architecture that is transforming Glenwood Ave.

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With the holidays fast approaching and your gift lists ever growing, what better way to get your mind off the yuletide chaos than with an update on the design of our tap room?! Here at Utepils Brewing, we believe that making beer is only part of the job of a craft brewery; because what good is great beer if you don’t have anywhere to enjoy it? Blending historic European design influences with our local Minnesota roots, our Fernweh Taproom will be a spot where family and friends can share beers together no matter how cold the weather gets. But that’s enough hype… you want the details:


Minneapolis Craft BreweriesTo say the last two weeks have been hectic around here might be the understatement of the year. Not only did we reach our investment goal of $1.225 million ahead of schedule (officially putting into motion the construction and building portion of our project), some of you might have heard that we changed our name.

As of November 19th, Bryn Mawr Brewing is now Utepils Brewing® (note the new branding and website). Your response to this news has been overwhelmingly awesome! The countless phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media posts (some in support and others less-so) have really given us a gauge on how passionate this community is about their beer and about this project. At last count, our announcement on Facebook had over 60 “likes” and 25 shares – that’s simply incredible considering you have yet to even taste how good our beer will be.


Minneapolis Craft Brewing, Minnesota BreweriesThis week we shared the exciting news that Eric Harper will be joining the Utepils team as head brewer! Growler Magazine picked up on the story and wrote a fantastic article.

Read the article here!

Minneapolis BreweriesFollowing the announcement of our re-branding to Utepils Brewing on November 20th, the Star Tribune ran a great article explaining the reasoning behind the change and the steps going forward for our craft brewery.

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If you’ve been following Bryn Mawr Brewing for any amount of time, you’ve likely noticed a funny word pop up from time to time. This is no coincidence. This one word encapsulates what Bryn Mawr Brewing is all about and the reason why we started this crazy ride in the first place. Over the last few months, it has come to mean more and more to us as our brewery has begun to take shape and dreams become reality. It takes a really special person to truly understand the beauty of the word “UTEPILS”, and we know you’re ready for it. (more…)

Bryn Mawr Brewing recently had the honor of playing host to some seasoned veterans in brewery design and technology from the German company Esau & Heuber. This was the first time the E&H team had visited our location and these guys were in town to work. For an entire afternoon, the BMB team talked shop with the pros and soaked in as much inspiration as we could for the design of our brewhouse. Here’s a brief recap of the day’s excitement and a sneak peak at what it means for Bryn Mawr Brewing in the coming months: (more…)

Minneapolis BreweriesOn October 11th, the Start Tribune ran a short feature in the Business section on Bryn Mawr Brewing and our approach to raising investments. The article points out many interesting national trends in craft brewing and explains why the Twin Cities will be THE place for craft brewing in 2016!

Read the Whole Article Here!

Progress is always exciting! It doesn’t matter if you’re opening a brewery or a candy shop, there’s nothing quite like witnessing your dream coming true. Each day we’re getting a little closer to the satisfaction of sharing that first Utepils moment with all of you!

Bryn Mawr Brewing recently crossed an elusive milestone that many new ventures never have the fortune to see. On September 3, we officially reached the halfway mark of our total investment goal. This is some BIG news! In less than four weeks, we’ve received over $700,000 in investments from some pretty incredible people located all over the country. Take a second to meet a few of them: (more…)

Well folks, the ink just finished drying on the lease, the keys to the front door have been cut, and nearly all of the lights are working. Even though the bathroom needs a little cleaning, we couldn’t be more excited about finally having a place to officially call home! What began as an idea friends in a pub, has gained quite a few more believers and this is just another milestone in making our dream of starting a brewery in Minneapolis come true. (more…)

LOGO SWJ BlackSmallOn August 12th, The Southwest Journal, a Minneapolis community newspaper, highlighted Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. and our role in the development of the Glenwood Inglewood bottling plant. Writer, Dylan Thomas, interviewed our very own Dan Justesen for the article and did a great job detailing the plans for our location!

Read The Entire Article Here!

The Line Media The Line Media published a piece on craft breweries opening soon in the Twin Cities and Bryn Mawr Brewing was one of the five breweries featured! The article digs into our location, brew list, and investing campaign that is currently taking place.

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financeandcommerceOn August 11th, we were the feature story on the front page of Finance & Commerce! This great article looks into the launch of the Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. investment portal, calling it one of the "highest-profile campaigns in Minnesota" of its kind. Read the brief excerpt below, then head over to the Finance & Commerce website to finish the entire article:

"More than a year after mapping out his plan for Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. alongside three co-founders, Dan Justesen needed a site, a business plan and, most importantly, about $1.2 million to make it happen. Like other owners of budding businesses in Minnesota, Justesen was eager to tap into the widest possible network of prospective investors to parlay his confidence in Bryn Mawr’s business plan into deep financial reserves – enough to get the Minneapolis brewery up and running the way he wants at 225 Thomas Ave. N."

Finish the Article at Finance-Commerce.com

bmb2What’s cooler than owning a brewery? If you’re asking us - nothing. It’s honestly the coolest thing ever! You get to call the shots on everything from which types of beers to brew to what type of polish to use on the fermenters. Not to mention enough free beer to make you the envy of any warm blooded human. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

Unfortunately, qualifications for this sacred position are usually pretty stringent - such as years of relevant industry experience and an expansive portfolio of brewing samples. Everyday beer lovers need not apply. (more…)


On August 1st, Bryn Mawr Brewing was featured on the front page of the Star Tribune! The article looks at the redevelopment of the Glenwood Inglewood Water bottling facility and plans for our brewery. Dan even got quoted once or twice!

Click Here to Read The Entire Article!


Kare 11 came by on Monday and featured our story on the 10 pm news. Check out the video!