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Stop By for a Pint…or Two.

Of all the Minneapolis breweries, we're delighted you've chosen Utepils as the place to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, and enjoy delicious beer.

Our Taproom and Beer Garden are open!

Taproom Beers

From the classics you love to exciting new releases, we offer many beers on tap, some of which are only available in our Taproom! Browse our beer selection, ranging from hefeweizens, pilsners, IPAs, lagers, stouts, and more!

We also offer a variety of non-alcoholic & THC-infused beverages.

Seating is available on a first come first served basis both in the Taproom and out in the Beer Garden.

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Taproom & Beer Garden

Taproom Hours

3:00PM – 10:00PM
3:00PM – 10:00PM
3:00PM – 10:00PM
3:00PM – 10:00PM
11:00AM – 10:00PM
11:00AM – 10:00PM
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Taproom FAQs

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The Taproom
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Are dogs allowed in the Taproom?

No. First, we are a production facility with a strict no-pet policy inside our building. However, well-behaved dogs are welcome outdoors in our Beer Garden. Please walk back via the path alongside the building to access the Beer Garden.

Is your Taproom handicap accessible?

Yes. We have a ramp from the entrance to the Taproom and a lift at the end of the bathroom hallway. If you have more questions about how our team works to provide a convenient, enjoyable experience for every member of our community, contact us today.

What if I forgot to close my tab?

No problem! That’s why we give your card back to you, but please be aware we have the right to charge a 20% gratuity fee for any unclosed tabs by the end of the night.

Do you offer Wi-Fi?

Yes. The password is available at the bar.

Do you allow party buses?

We allow party buses but reserve the right to refuse service as necessary if guests are too intoxicated or the Taproom is at capacity. Please inform us ahead of time if you plan to stop at our brewery by filling out our event request form.

Can I take a tour of your brewery?

We currently do not offer guided tours. However, as you enter the Taproom, you’ll walk right through our state-of-the-art brewhouse and our cellar of fermentation tanks holding over 2,000 kegs of beer!

Can I leave my vehicle overnight?

Utepils Brewing does not own or control the parking lot outside of our building. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the security of your vehicle in the parking lot overnight.

If you need an overnight parking space,  street parking is allowed (subject to regular city rules) along Thomas Ave N & Inglewood Ave N and beyond. Please respect tenant-specific parking signage in and around the brewery and other neighboring homes and businesses.

Will you sponsor our sports team?

We don’t play favorites at Utepils. That’s why we look for ways to occasionally support local sports leagues as a whole instead of sponsoring individual teams. We want to be everyone’s home bar as a neutral meeting place.

Do you make donations?

Situationally, we do make donations. Please contact us for consideration.

Which styles of beer do you produce?

We proudly focus on brewing European-style lagers and ales with a few fun Minnesota variations. Browse our rotating beer selection for more details.

Do you serve wine, cider, or other alcoholic beverages besides beer?

In the state of Minnesota, we are only allowed to serve the alcoholic beverages that we produce on-site. We do not produce wine or cider in our facility. We do produce a hard seltzer with ever-changing flavors to complement our beer as an alcoholic option.

Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes. We offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including, but not limited to: sodas, kombucha, sparkling water, N/A beer and apple juice for those who are kids at heart.  We also produce Bandwagon, a THC infused sparkling water available for adults (21 plus) only.

Do you offer food?

Food trucks park in front of Utepils on a nightly basis. Please check our food truck schedule for a full listing of trucks.  If you need a quick bite, we also offer pre-packaged locally produced munchies.

Can I bring in outside food?

Yes. Utepils has an open food policy, but note that we do not supply any extra plates, napkins, or utensils, so plan accordingly. Please tidy up your space after you have finished.

Can I bring in outside alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages?

No. In Minnesota, we are only allowed to serve the alcoholic beverages we produce on-site. We cannot allow any other alcoholic beverages on our premises.  We also sell a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

Do you have gluten-free options?

We currently have a rotating flavored hard seltzer, “Party Water,” that is gluten-reduced. We also have a few non-alcoholic options, including kombucha and sparkling water. Our beer, however, is not gluten-free, nor is our brewery a gluten-free facility.

Are kids allowed?

Yes! Our Taproom is family-friendly and offers non-alcoholic options for all ages.  Please be aware that our Brewery is a production facility and our Beer Garden is next to a creek.  We understand you’ve come to relax and have fun, it is your responsibility to supervise your children.

How many people does your Taproom seat?

We don’t want to cramp your style. Our current Taproom layout seats around 200 guests. We also have a beer garden (seasonally) available with additional seating to accommodate up to another 150+ guests.

Do you take reservations?

We operate on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you have a large group, we do offer paid reservations via our Private Events page.

Can I book a private event or space at Utepils?

We offer a limited number of spaces for private rentals. Please see our webpage on our offerings and fill out an event request form for more information and pricing.

Do you sell beer to-go?

Yes, we do! Pre-filled 64 oz. growlers and 750 ml. jars (glass crowlers) plus a selection of our canned beers (including some not available in stores) are available for sale during our regular hours of operation until 10 p.m (Sundays before 6pm). State law restricts the amount of canned beer we can sell to an individual to 128 oz. per person per day. By law, all “off-sale” beers must be consumed off the brewery’s property.

Do you fill growlers/jars from other breweries?

To maintain the quality of our beer, we only fill our products into Utepils branded and sanitized growlers/jars.

Do you offer reimbursement for growlers/jars?

We love to recycle our growlers/jars. If you return clean Utepils growler/jars, we will give you a card good for $1 off your next pint.

How long are growlers/jars good for?

Our growler/jars are good UNOPENED for up to four weeks. Once opened, growlers should be consumed immediately for the best beer experience.  Every time the cap is removed, the beer loses carbonation and flavor.

Utepils On The Go

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We get it. Sometimes, you just want to take the feeling of Utepils home. You can purchase growlers, crowlers, and cans at our Taproom or find Utepils at local bars, restaurants, and retailers near you!

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