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You love craft breweries. We make 'Indescribably Good' European-style beer.

Utepils Brewing

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At Utepils, we’re brewing up more than great-tasting beer that honors the traditions of past brewers. We’re also giving loyal patrons the chance to join a growing community of craft beer enthusiasts and help us celebrate the feeling of Utepils—with some bonus perks along the way!

With your MemBEERship™, you’ll receive VIP access to exclusive perks. Yup, that means everything from special discounts and custom merch to brewery-sponsored trips, plus a whole lot of free beer.
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Beer Facts

Did You Know

That European brew houses were traditionally deeply embedded into their communities? Let’s keep that tradition going strong and raise our pints together in cheers, as we take our relationship to the next level.
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Not Your Average VIP Membership

Viper = Very Important Patron, Enthusiast, And Recruiter

Our VIPer MemBEERship offers much more than your average beer club in Minneapolis. We know everyone comes to the beer table with different likes, interests, and goals. That’s why we’ve split our MemBEERships into three unique categories to help you find the perfect match.

Did we mention that your MemBEERship is good for 99 years? You only pay a one-time fee and then you get to enjoy these exclusive perks well into your golden years. You’ll be the most popular resident at the retirement home—we promise! And if you decide to move, or you want to share these exclusive goodies with a friend or loved one, you can always pass along your VIPer status via gift, inheritance, or sale.

See MemBEERships below. Have questions? We’d love to chat! Give us a call or send us a message.
Utepils Beer

MemBEERship Details

Find out which MemBEERship level is right for you and complete the online form to join our VIPer Program, as we continue to bring good brewing and good living to Minneapolis.
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Single Membership


Lifetime Membership

Included In Your Membership

  • 1st beer free each visit for 99 years & a growler fill each month
  • Limited edition VIPer stein
  • $100 gift card for more beer or merchandise

Be The First

  • First to access annual beer trips
  • First to drink limited edition beers

Leave Your Mark

  • Personalized taproom sign


Lifetime Membership for Two

The Couple that Drinks Together Stays Together

  • Get every VIPer benefit at a discount plus your names together on taproom signage. It’s like carving your initials into a tree but way more meaningful.
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The Gift of Beer

Craft Beer Membership Gift

Speaking of gifts, is there a better way to show someone you care then a VIPer MemBEERship at Utepils? Our VIPer program makes a great gift to a loved one, close friend, or that dedicated employee who deserves some recognition—not to mention some R&R on the weekends!

To give a beer membership as a gift, you can easily select which VIPer MemBEERship you want, provide your name, and then indicate that this is a gift with the person’s name in the message box.

As we said before, you can also pass the membership along.