Party Room in Minneapolis

Host an Event at Your Favorite Brewery

Our atmosphere and friendly staff will make your event memorable and extra special no matter what you’re planning. We offer various reservation spaces throughout the brewery to suit your budget and guest list!

Outdoor seating overlooking a field

Semi-Private Events

Our Overlook space sits beautifully adjacent to our main beer garden space on the banks of Bassett Creek and up a small set of stairs. We can seat around 30 guests across three permanent picnic tables with plenty of room for mingling and gathering. Additionally, we can provide catering and cocktail tables and linens upon request. 

For larger groups, additional picnic tables can be reserved by request along with the addition of stanchions and firepits to elevate your experience! 

Limited table reservations are available each day in our Fernweh Taproom for a semi-private event experience, providing an intimate experience surrounded by Utepils’ ambiance and buzz.

Outdoors or Indoors
Small Gatherings
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Private Events

Bay 10 offers an inviting open-air vibe with our salvaged, traditional Irish Bar serving as the focal point, providing a classic touch and warm ambiance to the space. Bay 10 has the flexibility for table rearrangement to suit your preferences and the option to keep public-facing doors open or closed depending on your needs. Equipped with A/V amenities, including a speaker, microphone, projector, and screen available, Bay 10 can be used for a variety of private events. 

Bay 10 comfortably accommodates 45 guests for a seated event or up to 120 individuals for a standing reception, making it ideal for a range of occasions. Reservations for private events can be scheduled at any time, regardless of our Taproom's operational hours (special fees may apply). 

Fun fact:  We originally used this space as our beer warehouse. Even though we brainstormed other names, its garage location – Bay 10 – has just stuck!

Large Gatherings
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Private event space at Utepils

Ready to Go?

Submit a Private Event Request Form

If you have questions, include them in the form details, or simply stop by for a cold one and ask to see the spaces!

For reservations and event requests in less than 48 hours, please reach out to our Taproom directly at 612-249-7800.

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Private Event Questions

When is the final bill due?

The final bill, which includes space rental, bar bill, and gratuity, is due at the close of the event.

Is there a beverage minimum?

There is no beverage minimum, however a 20% gratuity will be added to the final tab.

Does Utepils serve food?

We try to have food trucks daily! We also have an assortment of bar snacks including tortilla chips + salsa, pretzels, nuts, Kramarczuk’s meat sticks, and Redhead Creamery cheese curds.

Can we provide our own food?

You are welcome to bring in your own food or have your meal catered.

Can I serve non-alcoholic options?

While we don’t allow outside beverages, we have a number of n/a beverages available, and are happy to provide special requested non-alcoholic beverages for sale.

What if I want to serve Wine or Liqour?

If you wish to have alcoholic beverages besides beer, a caterer must be used.

Are decorations allowed?

Decorations, including streamers, and signage are encouraged! However, we ask that you ok them with your planner first and remove them at the end of your event.

Please no helium balloons or confetti.

Are kids allowed?

Utepils is a family-friendly establishment. Guests under 21 are welcome, provided they’re accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring my dog?

Pups are always welcome in our outside area. Water bowls, disposal bags, and dog parking/leash hooks are always available in our Beer Garden.

Who should I reach out to for questions?

Please email or call the Taproom for immediate assistance. The fastest way to reserve your spot on our calendar is to fill out our event request form. We try to process all requests within 3-5 business days!