It's pronounced “OOH-ta-pilz”

About Utepils

Nestled on the banks of Bassett Creek between the Harrison and Bryn Mawr neighborhoods of Minneapolis, Utepils' 18,000-square-foot site boasts our iconic Fernweh Taproom and a serene outdoor Beer Garden. When you arrive, you'll be free to immerse yourself in a unique craft brewery experience. 

At Utepils, we believe that good brewing starts with honoring the traditions of brewers who have gone before us—but sometimes, to know whether something is delicious, you need to experience it yourself.

A crowded night at the Utepils Taproom
Why We Do It

The Utepils Brewing Philosophy

Our beer is brewed using artesian spring water from historic wells in Minneapolis to produce beer that is classic yet uniquely distinct. Using tried and true brewing practices and the latest in brewing technology, we’re creating a new tradition in the Twin Cities that brings friends and families together to share good times and great beer.

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Though it’s of Norwegian origin, the word Utepils (pronounced “OOH-ta-pilz”) means something different for everyone. The reason? Because it describes the “indescribable.” Like our beer, Utepils is an experience. One that you need to be present for to understand its beauty and what it truly “means” to you.

 To Norwegians (and now hopefully you), Utepils is sipping the first beer outdoors, under the warm sun, after a long dark winter. It’s really about believing that spring has truly returned.  But as you will see (and feel) for yourself, it’s different for everyone and has to be experienced to understand.

Delicious Beer

From traditional lagers to Bavarian-style favorites, our beers are classic yet uniquely distinct.
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Non-Profit Work

Looking to give back to your local community?
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Great Events

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Lunch time at Utepils Taproom
Experience Fernweh

Looking for the Best Brewery Minneapolis?

Looking for a fun place to grab a few drinks with friends? We offer a wide variety of delicious beers, perfect for any taste. And with our live music, weekly events, and special festivals & events, there's always something new to discover

Plus, our spacious Beer Garden is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some great company and scenic surroundings.  Watching the herons fish seems very popular or just people watching.

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