Minneapolis BreweriesFollowing the announcement of our re-branding to Utepils Brewing on November 20th, the Star Tribune ran a great article explaining the reasoning behind the change and the steps going forward for our craft brewery.

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Progress is always exciting! It doesn’t matter if you’re opening a brewery or a candy shop, there’s nothing quite like witnessing your dream coming true. Each day we’re getting a little closer to the satisfaction of sharing that first Utepils moment with all of you!

Bryn Mawr Brewing recently crossed an elusive milestone that many new ventures never have the fortune to see. On September 3, we officially reached the halfway mark of our total investment goal. This is some BIG news! In less than four weeks, we’ve received over $700,000 in investments from some pretty incredible people located all over the country. Take a second to meet a few of them: (more…)

Well folks, the ink just finished drying on the lease, the keys to the front door have been cut, and nearly all of the lights are working. Even though the bathroom needs a little cleaning, we couldn’t be more excited about finally having a place to officially call home! What began as an idea friends in a pub, has gained quite a few more believers and this is just another milestone in making our dream of starting a brewery in Minneapolis come true. (more…)

financeandcommerceOn August 11th, we were the feature story on the front page of Finance & Commerce! This great article looks into the launch of the Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. investment portal, calling it one of the "highest-profile campaigns in Minnesota" of its kind. Read the brief excerpt below, then head over to the Finance & Commerce website to finish the entire article:

"More than a year after mapping out his plan for Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. alongside three co-founders, Dan Justesen needed a site, a business plan and, most importantly, about $1.2 million to make it happen. Like other owners of budding businesses in Minnesota, Justesen was eager to tap into the widest possible network of prospective investors to parlay his confidence in Bryn Mawr’s business plan into deep financial reserves – enough to get the Minneapolis brewery up and running the way he wants at 225 Thomas Ave. N."

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bmb2What’s cooler than owning a brewery? If you’re asking us - nothing. It’s honestly the coolest thing ever! You get to call the shots on everything from which types of beers to brew to what type of polish to use on the fermenters. Not to mention enough free beer to make you the envy of any warm blooded human. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

Unfortunately, qualifications for this sacred position are usually pretty stringent - such as years of relevant industry experience and an expansive portfolio of brewing samples. Everyday beer lovers need not apply. (more…)


On August 1st, Bryn Mawr Brewing was featured on the front page of the Star Tribune! The article looks at the redevelopment of the Glenwood Inglewood Water bottling facility and plans for our brewery. Dan even got quoted once or twice!

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Kare 11 came by on Monday and featured our story on the 10 pm news. Check out the video!