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Where Will You Go for Your Utepils Exprience?

It’s Pronounced “ooh-ta-pilz”


Are you a storyteller, or a good audience? Feel a little fernweh (wanderlust), or ready to relax? Utepils is the perfect fit. It’s indescribably good. So—you’ll have to experience it yourself.

Meet The Utepils Brews
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Stop by for a Pint... or Two

Take your Utepils outside, beneath the stars. Enjoy it warmed by a blazing fire and good company. You can do that at home or at our Taproom. Either way, that’s The Utepils Experience.

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Featured Favorites

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THC Seltzer


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Get the Most from Your "Prost!"

Visit us—immediately feel at home, fit right in, bask and enjoy a true Utepils Experience in its ideal setting: our Taproom and Beer Garden.

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Food Trucks

Good Beer Loves Good Company

What goes good with an indescribably good beer? Local food trucks, that's what.

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The Viper Membeership

Be a Very Important Patron, Enthusiast, and Recruiter

Let’s make it official—choose one of our three V.I.P.E.R. MemBEERships. Good for 99 years, but pays for itself fast in a free beer every visit (that’s around 36,000 possible free beers), a free growler every month (about 1,100 growlers) and more. Why wait? Let’s do this.

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It's Pronounced


Utepils is brewed using the artesian spring water from historic wells to produce beer that's indescribably good. Using tried-and-true brewing practices, we're creating a new tradition in the Twin Cities that brings friends and families together to share good times and great beer.

About Utepils
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