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We make beer for the thrill seeker, the story teller, and the outdoorsy type, who appreciate fresh air, a blazing campfire, and creating new tales to tell —surrounded by great friends.

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Utepils (“OOH-ta-pilz”) is a Norwegian word that means something different for everyone. Why? Because it describes something “indescribable.”

Like the feeling you get after seeing the spring sun after a long winter, Utepils is an experience—a moment in time you must be present for to fully appreciate its true beauty and meaning.

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Using artesian spring water from historic wells in Minneapolis, our beers produce a classic yet uniquely distinct taste, whether you're enjoying it from a pint or pouring it from a can.

What began as a tradition of bringing people together from all over the Twin Cities to share good times and great beer has now extended across Minnesota and beyond.

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