Utepils Embarks on 1st Annual Beer Trip

This is the best kind of research.

On September 1st, Utepils community members and fellow beer enthusiasts will meet up in Prague for an epic, nine-day trip to the Czech Republic to eat, drink, and be merry. Their goal: Taste. Experience. Learn. Get inspired. This is an annual trip with a very cool ultimate purpose: help formulate a new, Limited Time Offer (LTO) beer style by Utepils.

Each year, the trip-inspired beer will be dubbed the “Utepils Moment.” The style will vary from year to year based on the trip’s discoveries.

We’re well-known for embracing traditional, European style in our beers. And we decided there was no better way to keep with tradition than go straight to the source. The trip includes stops at a number of classic European breweries with incredible heritage and stein-fuls of lessons and stories to be uncovered.

Utepils owners Dan and Deb Justesen have led trips all over the world, so they’re the ideal hosts for the annual Utepils beer trip.

This year’s itinerary has been described as “beer heaven.” We’ll soak up local culture and history with walking tours and VIP access to tastings, dinners, festivals, and breweries. This trip has been planned to a “T” so visitors need only show up with a hearty sense of adventure and even heartier appetites. A few highlights include gothic Zvikov Castle and the famous Pilsner Urquell brewery.

Wish you could join us?
Each year, a limited number of spots will be made available. Your best shot at nabbing one of them? Become a VIPER. VIPERs get exclusive priority access to the trip (among many other perks).

Can’t join us? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for photos and updates. Next year’s trip will be announced upon our return—and perhaps it’s the one for you. In the meantime, now that Utepils is available in cans, you can crack one open at home, put on some beer hall music, and live vicariously.

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