The Ghost of Octoberfest Beer Trip

In an exciting sign of our confidence in the COVID vaccinations, Deb & I are planning the return of our annual hosted Beer Trip to Europe. We’ve worked with our friend Mike since 2006 creating exciting, informative, and friend-making “great trips made better with beer.” Beer and food are immersive ways to experience local history and culture. We’ve led numerous trips to Bavaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, and Belgium.

That was interrupted in 2020. Our planned trip to either Italy or Spain ended at the planning stage.

Our plan is to resume our usual offering in 2022 with a trip to Italy in autumn or Ireland mid-summer. Take a look at BeerTrips.com for examples of past itineraries… and see photos of Deb and I with less gray hair (for me not her, hers is still full of color).  Read about some of our 2017 Beer Trip to the Czech Republic at https://utepils-2023.flywheelsites.com/2017/09/lovin-cesky-krumlov/

Geistoberfest???  Mike has offered to create a unique Bavarian centered trip in early October (2021) using his and my unique contacts if there are enough people ready to go now. Germany is opening up yet major events like Oktoberfest have been canceled. We see an opportunity to avoid major tourist crowds and seek out some off the beaten track fun. Let’s explore Bamberg, Rothenberg, Nuremburg, Eck, & perhaps visit Neuschwanstein. I’m seeing a backpack full of Utepils beer cans getting opened on the Weizen, site of O’fest, to toast to what’s been lost. We need about a dozen people to make this feasible. I have four commitments already.

What to do?  Send me an email at beertrip@utepilsbrewing.com and let me know you have a strong interest in Geistoberfest or even the 2022 trip ideas. Deb & I love all of the destinations so we go where enough of you want to go.  I’m not asking for a commitment.  That would be crazy as we have no itinerary, cost, or exact dates. To spend time creating all of that, we need to know there is an audience ready to say yes if the details work. If 2022 sounds best, let me know if you want Ireland or Italy, we’ll pick the one with the best level of interest. Again, please email with your thoughts, dream trip or “maybe next year” or “I want to go to Italy” or “I’m ready to go this year once I hear the details” as all answers are helpful.

It's exciting to think about big things like a dream trip to Europe, yet day to day we love that the Taproom & Beer Garden are full of smiling faces; telling stories to friends over a beer. It’s why we started Utepils, it’s why we continue to create events to invite you to visit, and it’s why we keep brewing & packaging our beers for you to enjoy wherever you may be. Those indescribably good moments deserve indescribably good beer.

Thank you for your continued support and Cheers!
Dan & Deb Justesen


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