Thank You for the Support!

Last Friday as I watched The Good Time Gals, a local duo playing jazz from the 1920’s, perform in the Winter Beer Garden, a young lady stepped over and asked “are you Dan & Deb?”  “Well, I’m Dan of Dan & Deb.” I replied. She explained how she really appreciated the personal tone of our recent emails and how connected it made her feel to Utepils.

I thanked her and replied that we wanted to let people know that we’re just a bunch of people trying to keep a business alive and our team working. Her sharing her appreciation helped me feel comfortable with the tone we’ve been taking recently.

We hope you feel the same way about these more personal messages.

There are many things we should say “Thank You” to all of you for, yet one jumps out to me.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our requests to contact your government leaders about the dire impacts on the hospitality industry. You did, and it WORKED!  Both the Federal and State leaders reacted to the public and enacted programs to help. Did they do enough? We’ll see. In the end, we need vaccines out of boxes and into bodies to really change the business dynamic.

Another reality; we’ll ask again. This coming session of the MN Legislature, they need to finally address some of the archaic and unusual laws that put MN breweries at competitive disadvantages to our competition coming from other states. More information will be shared soon via our emails and in social media from many craft beverage producers. We hope you’ll speak out then. Meanwhile, relax and have a beer.

Which brings me to Indoor Service at Utepils Brewing. You are cordially invited to come on in!

Our Taproom is a unique environment with space for nearly 100 people with everyone seated at a table and properly spaced. Our staff continue to follow our COVID safety protocols and our signs clearly communicate how to have fun while feeling safe. Each party, whether an individual or a group of up to six, is given instruction by a staff member on our rules. Our house, our rules. Please respect our staff and accept that as a given.

Unlike many smaller Taprooms, we also have an enormous interior volume of air as the brewery production area is not walled off. That means we have over 400,000 cubic feet of air constantly circulating by the ceiling fans and through our HVAC system. Our HVAC system was upgraded in 2020, through a grant from Hennepin County, with advanced technology that helps remove pathogens in the air including viruses. It is perfect? No, but again, it’s the best we can do to improve safety for both you and our staff.

We strive to give you choices so you can have Utepils Your Way. Everyone has a different comfort level. Our beers are available in retailers across MN and parts of WI and ND. Hospitality businesses are starting to reopen and you can find us on tap at many of them. Remember, if you don’t see it, ask for it by name – Utepils! You have impact as a customer. Let them know what you want.

As mentioned, you can also come visit us at the Brewery where you’ll find more choices. You can take your favorite Utepils beer as “Beer2Go” in growlers or jars 7 days a week. In addition to the classics, you will find several Taproom only beers. The Brewers have been having fun so look for a few new ones to come out in the next few weeks.

If you would like to enjoy a pint or two with friends you have a few options. You can choose our outdoor Winter Beer Garden and embrace the Fresh Air, Warm Hands, Cold Beer Lifestyle. Recently featured on KARE 11 News, it has been discovered as the new “cool” place for our regulars and new friends alike. Or choose to sit inside the Taproom. For those not ready for winter outdoor beer drinking, we’ve created a safe, socially distanced indoor drinking experience. Please say hi to our new bartenders and our barbacks who are keeping the vibe going and the beers flowing.

As you might know, February is Utepils’s Fourth Anniversary month and for that we must also say “THANK YOU”! Your support and purchases of our beers have helped us make it this far.

Stocking your fridge with a couple four packs and enjoying pints in our Winter Beer Garden and Taproom continue to be wonderfully helpful. We’d much rather sell beer than depend on government programs.

Watch for more information on our new special release beers and Anniversary events that will make February especially fun.

Hours for the Taproom & Winter Beer Garden:

Monday-Thursday: 3pm-10pm
Friday: Noon-10pm
Saturday: 11am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-8pm

Dan & Deb Justesen and all of the Utepils team:   Ava, Steve, Brady, Kim, Cole, Vince, Luke, Melanie, Landon, Eric, Tom, Andre, Taylor, George, Jeff, Raine, Brian, Frank, Jordan N, Morgan, John, Sonja, Charlie, Madison, Ken, Jessica, Dave, Kelly, Jordan W, and Terra

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