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We are excited for the opportunity to share our passion with you.  Pictured is our new mobile food trailer, & the possibilites are endless.  We are looking forward to sharing our love for great food, full bellies and happy hearts!


Yup, you heard that right. It’s not just a grilled cheese with gourmet cheeses on it. It’s an experience, an adventure if you would. We strive to come up with unique and creative concepts of sandwiches, that include cheese. Take a look at our menu on our website to get more information, as our menu changes weekly!

DelSur Empanadas Story…

With a shared passion for their culture, these two friends decided to bring to Minneapolis a piece of their beloved Argentina through its cuisine. Nico and Diego have shared a friendship for many years.

Their background in traditional family owned neighborhood restaurants in Argentina gives them the perfect balance of formal culinary education and experience.

Empanadas are simple, tasty and convenient. Their popularity has spread beyond the traditional countries like Argentina to become truly international. You’re never more than a few yards away from an empanada wherever you travel in Argentina, and you’re all the better for it. Empanada literally means “wrapped in bread” but this description does not do justice to the wonder of this Argentine staple. But don’t make the mistake of believing all empanadas are created equal. Made from scratch and handcrafted individually, our empanadas meet the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality combining both modern-creative and traditional Argentinian styles of cooking.


I was destined to live the restaurant life.

Grandpa Hutar owned a KFC. Yes, I know the secret recipe.

My parents Greg and Kathy Hutar owned, Greg’s Place (Eveleth) and Vertin’s cafe (Ely). I started as a shy teenage host at Vertin’s (hard to image me as shy, I know, maybe that was the beginning of the infectious enthusiastic personality I have today). One day my dad told me “If I wanted to make more money I needed to be a waitress or a cook” I had just spilled coffee on one of the regulars a couple weeks earlier and after some discussion, we decided that I would be a breakfast cook. Auntie Rosie and Auntie Dina, Eloise, and Brenda showed me the ropes, taught me the tricks, and were my teachers daily. I am sincerely grateful for their patience.

Years later, when my parents said that they were selling Vertin’s I thought why don’t they just give it to me, oh the foolishness of youth.

Even with my family getting out of the restaurant life I never strayed from the world they had shown me.
There’s something about working as a team feeding the hungry, with a focus on flavor, presentation and a sense of urgency that makes the heart beat a little stronger, your eyes twinkle a bit brighter, and your smile a little wider. How could you not want to live this life?

I am but a mix of everyone I have had the pleasure of standing beside in the various restaurants I’ve worked.

Rich Petry and Jason Slusser at Feature’s Sports Bar and Grill (West Salem WI) took a chance on me. I’m not sure who got the most out of the relationship but it paid off for all of us. Under the guidance and instruction of these mentors I went from being a line cook to Kitchen Manager, they stuck by me during my college years, my growing years, and my coming out and for that they will always have my infinite respect.

Jaroslav Kreysa, Greg Hill and Ed Berg all gave the thumbs up to start my Chipotle career rolling. I certainly had no idea that it would turn into a nearly decade long career. I thought it was a perfect way to move to the cities and get great benefits like pet insurance and domestic partnership benefits. Neither of which I ever used, yet those were my main reasons for even applying in the first place. That move started the progression over the years to Assistant Manager | General Manager | Senior Restaurant Manager | Restaurant opening training team | Restaurateur | Restaurateur 2 | Restaurateur 3 | Restaurateur 4 my career at Chipotle was ever changing and so were my restaurant management skills, my ability to train teams, and a desire to build my own destiny. My tenure at Chipotle gave me the experience and confidence to venture out and follow my dream of building and running a food truck and has lead me to Butcher Salt: Inspired Street eats.

The time is now, Butcher Salt has arrived and my dreams are coming true, Life is a bit easier when people believe in you, believe in your dreams, and have the confidence to stand beside you as you leave stability and venture into the unknown and this wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of my partner in life and business Ms. Shari Brochhausen. She pours the water that makes my cup half full.
It is with the knowledge from so many in my past that I will find success in my future…Butcher Salt.

Season the Day


Yup, you heard that right. It's not just a grilled cheese with gourmet cheeses on it. It's an experience, an adventure if you would. We strive to come up with unique and creative concepts of sandwiches, that include cheese. Take a look at our menu on our website to get more information, as our menu changes weekly!


Respecting the food and the environment from which it comes from is our utmost concern. Our partners are chosen based on their level of commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices. We exercise 100% utilization of our products and maintain zero-waste procedures.


Handcrafted food is our passion and seasonality plays a dynamic role in our menu. We take pride in serving delicious food done right, from preparing all of our meats in-house to making all of our own condiments. Working with fresh seasonal ingredients allows the natural flavors of the food to shine through each dish. We can taste the difference and we hope you can too!


Chef Stephen Trojahn, owner of GASTROTRUCK, has over 20 years of culinary experience throughout the United States, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. He is passionate about showcasing the best that nature has to offer in every season. Chef Stephen draws inspiration from his many travels around the world and the delicious local products that Minnesota brings to the table.