Spring is Here, Enjoy Some Beer!

Steadily as more and more of us get vaccinated, we’re emerging into the sunshine from our long dark COVID winter and it’s time to renew friendships in person. We are excited to offer plenty of new events & the return of many of our most popular. As always, we evaluate the best way to make sure each one is done with COVID safety for you and our staff.

Bars and restaurants are starting to open or at least making plans to open in June. It’s an exciting time. Please enjoy our beers when you choose to get out and about. And as our marketing guy, Ken, always says, “if you don’t see it, ask for it by name: Utepils.”

Everyone in hospitality is optimistic about making progress while fearing another setback. It’s only natural, yet it’s the underlying reality that the hospitality industry is filled with cynical optimists right now. We’re Charlie Brown running to kick that football Lucy is holding.

Thus, we’re filling the calendar with events large and small both in the Taproom and a series of large live music centered fests in our big parking lot. First up is Fruhlings Fest which is German for Spring celebration. If all goes as planned, we have events every month all summer long. Let’s make 2021 the year of getting back to normal.

Whether you see us here at Utepils or out at one of the many retailers serving our products, please say hello. Deb and I are trying to get out and about saying thank you to our retailers and to you for all the support over these challenging times.


Dan & Deb Justesen

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