Queen, Tsar, Perk Purveyor, and/or Benevolent Dictator

Megan O’Neal


Megan’s official title: VIPer Program Director. But that’s a little stodgy, so feel free to substitute Queen, Tsar, Perk Purveyor, and/or Benevolent Dictator. They all boil down to the same cool gig: Megan manages our VIP program. (Psst—VIPer stands for Very Important Patron, Enthusiast, and Recruiter.) VIPers get tons of awesome benefits, not the least of which is a lot of free beer. Needless to say, Megan’s a popular gal.

With a background in software and tons of experience in corporate America, Megan has analytical and organizational chops to spare—but she’s also super-friendly, which is why she also regularly bartends at the taproom. Come say hi, order a beer from Megan, and ask her about becoming a VIPer.


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