Prevention is the Best Cure

Everyday our staff strives to create great experiences here in our taproom and delicious beer for sale across Minnesota and soon Wisconsin and North Dakota. Our team has always been trained and expected to follow strict hygiene rules, and a brewer's job is often said to be 90% cleaning and sanitizing.

When you visit Utepils, we want to ensure you always feel safe and enjoy your time with us. To achieve this, we wanted to provide our loyal patrons with the following steps that we’re taking to practice prevention at our brewery:

  • When you visit our taproom, you’ll find hand sanitizing stations located throughout the area. We recommend using the toe pulls on our bathroom doors to avoid touching communal surfaces. Most importantly, we also ask that every patron please wash your hands and understand if we don't offer to shake your hand—let’s help start a shift to "jazz hands" or elbow bumps instead.

  • Our taproom uses high temperature washer/sanitizers that kill viruses on all of our glassware. And our table layout has been reconfigured to create more social distance. If you prefer to use a one-time plastic glass, just ask our bartenders, and they will be happy to assist.

  • We will monitor our taproom and beer garden to ensure no overcrowding.

  • It’s an economic reality that local businesses will be heavily affected by this pandemic. We intend to keep our taproom and staff working by being open on our regular schedule. And our staff is committed to producing packaged products delivered by our distribution partners and sold by retailers to meet your needs if you choose to spend less time in public spaces.

Take Utepils Home with You
Many patrons may be working from home or staying in on weekends to help minimize contact during this time, and though it seems a bit self-interested to say it, having a supply of Utepils beer on hand may improve that time spent at home. Frozen pizzas and Netflix only go so far. If you’re planning to stock up and stay in, be sure to visit one of your local retainers to find Utepils’ selection of European-style beers.

Everyone working in the supply chain will appreciate your business, whether you stop in for a pint or purchase our beers at a local retailer. And this appreciation goes all the way back to the farmers growing the malt and hops to the delivery truck drivers and all of the people working at Utepils.

If your favorite retailer has run out, please check our Find Our Beer search engine to find another nearby location.

A Final Note from Your Friends at Utepils
Our team is constantly evaluating our procedures, and as we learn more, we'll do more to ensure your time spent with us is safe and enjoyable. Our team is committed to it. We are all in this together. Remember to keep washing your hands and please stay home if you feel sick. We promise to do the same.

Thank you,

Dan Justesen

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