For Kelly Watson, the title doesn’t matter

For Kelly Watson, the title doesn’t matter. She just wants to be part of the team. When the full-time school social worker decided to take on some extra work over the summer, she only had one place in mind: Utepils. “I told them I’d do anything—I’d scrub their toilets,” Kelly says. Instead, Kelly serves as Events Coordinator and volunteers with the Utepils Social Aid and Pleasure Club (“making a difference in the North Minneapolis community is such a passion of mine”). Kelly now works throughout the school year, using her spare time to pitch in wherever she’s needed.

Kelly’s super-versatile style at Utepils is fitting. When asked about her favorite beer, Kelly says: “When I started working here, it was Pils. But now I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all. Today it’s the Kolsch Style, but it always changes.” Kind of like her job description!

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