How to Experience Utepils During COVID

We now live in the age of COVID and many aspects of our lives have changed.  Utepils has changed and yet not changed.  We still believe that all of us, as human beings, have core values and desires: we want to engage with our friends, family, and community.  We seek a chance to enjoy a beer and talk about life or sports or whatever.   And we do that best of all outside by a creek with the birds calling.

While our Taproom and Beer Garden closed in mid-March, Utepils has continued to brew beer and bring it to the liquor stores across Minnesota.  Sadly, many of our staff were furloughed.  Production and some sales staff returned and this weekend our Taproom staff are finally coming back.

Starting June 1st, Utepils Brewing’s amazing creekside Beer Garden will re-open in our traditional way; a bagpiper leading us.  We are limited to fifty people and everyone must have a reservation.  Book yours today at utepilsbrewing.com – works on computers or smart phones.

Utepils by definition is about your individual experience.  We’re committed to offering you choices.  Everyone has a different comfort level on venturing out and we respect that.

How You Can Enjoy Utepils 

  1. Beer Garden (and eventually our Taproom) in groups up to four or a household of six
  2. Your favorite restaurants & bars if they have re-opened can serve our beers

  3. Beer2Go is available to pick up at our Brewery; pre-order or drive up

  4. Your favorite liquor store; whether you visit in person or order delivery.

Our team has added new products such as our hit Plaid Bikini Summer Wheat.  A variation of our best-selling Ewald the Golden, PB is filtered to a brilliant yellow reducing the clove and accentuating the berry aromas of the new hop variety called Callista and the familiar banana of Ewald.  #YUM

“Savor The Summer” samplers of eight cans and four varieties of our beer are arriving in liquor stores now.  Enjoy Plaid Bikini, Ewald the Golden, Skolsch, and…yes!!! Tall Tales IPA is back and included!

If you follow our social media accounts, you know our staff has gotten a bit wild and crazy doing limited edition “one off” beers each week for our Beer2Go offerings.  Beers such as Cuppa Alt (a coffee Alt 1848 blend) or last week’s The Carlton, a mango orange Kölsch.  We’re traditional yet we love to have fun.  And we’ve added 750ml “jars” to go.  Like a can crowler but better; it’s re-sealable, it’s re-useable, it’s dang cute, and it actually works well as a drinking vessel.

You will find many changes at Utepils yet we’re keeping the same attitudes and commitments.  To be a world class brewery that makes delicious beers yet sells experiences you want to repeat.  Our changes will continue as we adapt and improve.  These changes are to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for you as our patron and our staff.  We ask that you work with us.  Share your feedback both good and bad so we can adapt and improve.

Be kind.  All of us and everyone sharing your Utepils moments are living in a world full of stress.

A brewer’s work is often described as 98% cleaning and sanitation.  Our business is creating safe products from a sweet wort via an opportunist biological entity; brewers’ yeast and only brewers’ yeast.  We’ve always taken this seriously and we’ve enhanced our procedures due to COVID.  These include but are not limited to wiping down with sanitizer all tables & chairs between reservations, social distancing measures, health screenings, more frequent bathroom cleanings and sanitized styluses at check out.

Please make a reservation, check in with our host, and follow all posted rules.  When in doubt, please ask us.  Bring a mask with you to Utepils.  While outside, you are not required to use it.  When you are inside to check in with the host, to use the bathrooms, to buy/pick up a growler, or if a storm blows up and we provide you shelter inside, you will need it.

We look forward to expanding our time together whether here at Utepils, in your fishing boat as you open a four pack, or when you enjoy a cold Utepils at your favorite bar.  We also anticipate that the rules will change over time; we’ll be able to increase our capacity both outdoors and indoors.  We could choose to be upset that right now we can only have fifty people here or we can look at as a time to learn and perfect how we operate in this new reality.  And, we can finally get together again with fifty of our favorite customers.

More information – Booking a Reservation – Find our Beer – Pre-order Beer2Go all happen at utepilsbrewing.com

Thank you, stay safe, and enjoy your Utepils moments your way,

Dan & Deb Justesen

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