Go West, Young Can.

You asked. We delivered. (Literally.)

Utepils moments can happen anywhere. That’s why we went BIG when we started Utepils Brewing—so we could make lots of beer for you to enjoy wherever you are.

We’ve been hearing from beer fans far and wide that they wish they could score Utepils at their favorite local hangout or their neighborhood liquor store. That’s why we’ve been working hard to expand the area in which Utepils is available.

Utepils already ventured Northwest as far as Elk River, and we’re at it again.
Our latest expansion takes us west (and south) into beautiful Carver county. As of October 16th, we’re making our way from Watertown to Waconia, and from Chaska to Hamburg (ahem—Hamburg, Minnesota—Hamburg, Germany might show up on a future Beer Trip itinerary, but it’s a little further than our drivers can go right now).

If you still don’t see Utepils at your favorite spot, don’t be afraid to ask for it by name. “More OOH-ta-pilz, please!”

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