Fill ‘er Up at our Growler Fill Station

Think you’ve watched a few beers being poured? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Exclusive to the Fernweh taproom, our Growler fill station is the coolest thing since, well, beer.

It’s kind of like a magic portal where a sad, empty growler goes in and—POOF!— it comes out ready to party.

Hmm…if only we could use it to magically transform other things. What would you put in our growler fill station? Your job? Your bank account? Now we’re day- dreaming. And we’re day-dreaming with a full growler of delicious beer, which is pretty awesome.

Wondering what makes the fill station such a Big Deal? We’re so glad you asked.

A lot of breweries take the bottling process seriously, but then they get sloppy when it comes to growlers. They fill them at the same taps that were designed for pint glasses. Beer’s sloshing all over the place and it ends up too foamy or too flat. We think that’s criminal. So, as with everything we do at Utepils, we aimed for better.

Instead of filling growlers at the tap, we do it in a clean controlled environment. At the risk of getting too technical, we displace the atmosphere in the growler with CO2 and pressurize the bottle before filling it up. The fill station prevents excessive foaming, which is cool for three reasons:

  1. We don’t waste beer
  2. We retain the proper CO2 levels in the growler (meaning it doesn’t go flat and degrade the beer’s quality)
  3. Did we mention we don’t waste beer?

The result is beer that meets our ludicrously high standards. You can bring a growler to a party with pride, knowing that it’ll draw oohs and aahs and yums.

In effect, our growler station properly "bottles" the beer. While tap-filled growlers only last a couple of days, your Utepils growler should be refrigerator stable for weeks. (Not that you’ll want to wait that long to enjoy it. But it means you can buy multiple growlers at a time, knowing that when the Utepils moment strikes, your beer will be ready.)

Need another reason to try the fill station? It’s really, really fun to watch. And the only thing we care about as much as the taste of our beers is the experience you have.

Stop by the Fernweh taproom and check it out for yourself. We can’t transform everything for you, but a growler of great beer to share with friends is a pretty good start.

Growler Fill Station In Action

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