Ewald... He knows all the best hangouts!

The firstborn Ewald brother, Ewald the Golden, is most at home frolicking in a field of pale Bavarian wheat. He’s a famously peaceful, bucolic kind of guy. His brothers, on the other hand, are proof that genetics only go so far.

Case in point: Ewald the Dark. He’s a city character, through and through. Street-smart with just a little edge, Ewald the Dark is a night owl who knows all the best hangouts. He’s impossibly suave and an impeccable dresser—we can always hear him coming because of the sound his European wingtip shoes make coming up the cement ramp into the Fernweh Taproom. Ewald the Dark’s social calendar is booked solid so we’re not sure how much time he’ll be willing to block off for us before he slips away.

Better come by the Fernweh Taproom and meet him before he and his wingtips disappear into the night.

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