We were proud to participate in the effort to get more Minnesotans vaccinated! We partnered with Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) and Daniel Jacobs of Bald Man Brewing to give away over 1,000 beers in less than a week to fully vaccinated people who presented their card.

“I just think the whole goal of what we’ve done from the beginning is to try to create an environment where people feel safe because if they feel safe then they can relax, and it’s only when you relax that you can start to have fun,” said Dan Justesen, owner of Utepils Brewing in Minneapolis.

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Minnesotans like their beer. They love drinking it and talking about it and it's no surprise that the craft brewing industry does really well. For some brewers--it's almost too well.........

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Brewing amazing beer for you is a seven-day-per-week job.

We decided you should be able to enjoy it seven days per week, too.

We already extended our Sunday evening hours, and now we’re adding two more days of beer. Starting August 14th, we’ll be open on Mondays and Tuesdays—because who should have to wait for Wednesdays for good beer?

More beer.

More friends.

More good times.


Our new Taproom Hours:

MONDAY: 4:00PM — 10:00PM
TUESDAY: 4:00PM — 10:00PM
WEDNESDAY: 12:00PM — 10:00PM
THURSDAY: 12:00PM — 10:00PM
FRIDAY: 12:00PM — 11:00PM
SATURDAY: 12:00PM — 11:00PM
SUNDAY: 12:00PM — 8:00PM

See you at the Fernweh taproom!

“The conversation was fantastic and the beer was even better.”

That’s how Ryan and Jim from the Nordeast Podcast described their recent interview with our very own Dan Justesen.

A lot of good conversations take place at the Fernweh taproom. Not all of them are recorded (which is probably a good thing in some cases), but this one was. You can listen to the whole thing right now on Soundcloud.

Ryan, Jim, and Dan talked about where to find Utepils, how we’ve managed to make the taproom feel “warm” even though it’s a giant warehouse, and why we care as much about the experience you have drinking our beer as we do about the beer itself.

Dan got to do most of the talking, but Ryan and Jim had a lot of nice things to say. Case in point:

“This does feel like one of the most well-planned out breweries. Everything is to a ‘T.’ It seems like you guys are set up to be brewing wonderful beer for a very long time in the Twin Cities.”

(That’s the plan!)

“Anybody who’s listening, definitely come down to this brewery...This is not just an everyday, run-of-the-mill brewery. This is a whole different experience.”

 (We couldn’t agree more.)

Utepils Grand Opening is THIS SATURDAY! We’d love to raise a glass with you, but we know not everyone will be able to make it (and frankly, not all of you will fit). MORE INFO HERE -->

Good news: You can still be part of the party. We’ll be livestreaming the whole event, but watching without drinking is like living without breathing. LIVE STREAM HERE -->

Solution: Swing by the taproom today or tomorrow to pick up a growler, and you can toast right along with us from wherever you are. Bonus: You’ll be one of the first to experience our ridiculously cool growler fill station. That way, when your friends who attend the Grand Opening won’t shut up about their growlers, you can just smile and start planning your trip for a refill.

Utepils featured in Southwest Journal!

Southwest Minneapolis' Community Newspaper

"...Utepils is prepared for big business, opening with the state’s sixth largest brewhouse out of Minnesota’s 120-plus breweries. When optimized, the brewhouse could brew up to six batches of beer per day. Seventy-nine pilings reaching 105 feet into the ground support the immense weight of the two-story tanks above."
— Michelle Bruch, Southwest Journal

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Kare 11 Story on Utepils

New brewery sees opportunity in North Minneapolis

“To start from scratch and do something total new, that’s fun,” —Eric Harper

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