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For those who say all the new breweries opening are the same, you need to visit Utepils Brewing in Minneapolis.

Pronounced “ohh-tah-pilz,” the brewery, located at 225 Thomas Ave. N, Minneapolis, opened late this winter and focuses on classic, low alcohol European style beers like pilsners, Kolschs, and hefeweizens. They make well rounded beer that can be enjoyed no matter the weather or food pairing.

While going classic can set a brewery apart during this era of extreme experimentalism, the Utepils taproom is also noteworthy. It seats over 150 guests and will soon include an outdoor beer garden near Bassett Creek, which runs along the property. It’s a getaway in a historic building just west of downtown Minneapolis, even though it feels more isolated. It’s next to Theodore Wirth Park, lending a sense of escapism even while the skyline is still in site.

The décor is classic European. With large paintings on the wall – thematically based on their flagship beers – and a historic copper kettle that hangs over the bar, it’s distinct, comforting, and spacious. Windows show off the natural setting, while visitors are further removed from the industrial parking lot by a walkway ushering visitors past the tall fermenters and into the welcoming taproom environment. It’s a big brewery, but it maintains a small vibe amid the community tables, warm colors, and the homage to tradition.

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